htc Incredible Android Preloaded Apps

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htc Incredible Android Preloaded Apps    

Looking for a good phone to purchase? Look no further than the Incredible from htc. You will be amazed how many cool apps come preloaded.

If you need anything from directions, navigation, video recording, photos, News, messaging, facebook even a flashlight, they’re all here for your convenience! The following is a more detailed explanation of Android apps on this mobile device.

3G Mobile Hotspot – Share your phones 3G internet connection with computers as if where a wireless router. Get a t-shirt printed with “Free WiFi”.

Amazon MP3 – Download music right from Amazon, download the free song of the day, or search for any music your heart desires. Search by typing in the search field by names or titles, Bestselling Albums, Bestselling Songs or Browse By Genre. Purchase full albums or individual songs, there are a few that you can download for free.

Calculator – Add, subtract, divide or multiple with the easy to use calculator app that has a big bright set of keys.

Calendar – This app provides a full screen calendar, that can be synced to your computers calendar. View saved alerts that you enter, as you can make a voice memo or writen events, meetings, or alarms for an occasion.

Call History – Save a picture for your contacts and view them with the time & date of incoming or outgoing calls, with the number, and location.

Camcorder – Record video with your device. How cool is that?. Set the brightness, contrast, effects, and settings. Take video in the dark with the brightess light, that I have seen on a mobile device. Zoom in as you direct your mini movies.

Camera – Not much to explain, snap photos and save them on your phones memory, download them to your home computer, email or text message them right from your phone.

Car Panel – The most useful app for someone on the go. Provides the most used apps that you would need during driving. Footprints, Navigation, Voice search, View map, Search and Make a call. All icons are larger than the apps screen.

City ID – Lets you see the city that an incoming call is from. Enter a number into the the search field and it will display the state, just from the area code, and city as you enter the prefix.

Clock – Just as you would think it is a clock. Set the time to your time zone, city, or state. The main screen displays the time & date, touch the temperaure widget and view a forecast of the next 4 days, of your city. You have the ability to save clock times anywhere in the world. Save as many Alarm times as you would like. Stopwatch. And the hour glass is a timer, with an alert sound

Facebook – Your favorite social site app on your mobile device. Keep everyone upto the moment with your every move.

Flashlight – The best flashlight app out there. Since it has 3 different brightness settings it can be used as low light to not bother others. The brightest setting could light up the darkest rooom.

FM Radio – Use your earbuds as an antenna, and listen to your local radio staions with an easy adjustable station numbers. Choose from a few preset stations, or save your favorites by adding them by name or number.

Footprints – A collection of information that are of places you have been or want to go. With a map from google, coordinates, and a rating system of visitors, keep notes in a field under the map. Keep Footprints of your favorites, shopping, restaurants, leisures and others.

Friend Stream – This gives you the ability to log into any social site that you would like, and update them together with this app.

Gallery – View photos that are preloaded, or your camera shots. Or see your facebook images or a flickr account.

Gmail – Enter our account information and receive email on your mobile device.

Google search – Go directly to Google to search the internet. Very convenient!

Google Play – Download Android apps with Google Play. Home page displays featured apps, with a menu of Apps, Games, and Verizon, which offers many free. Every category you choose, will offer Top paid, Top free, Just in. If you can’t find the app you are searching for, check back regularly, as they’re updated daily.

Internet – Search the internet, with this easy to use web browser.

Latitude – A Google map of your current location.

Mail – Set up as many email accounts that you have, that you would like your device to sync with.

Messages – View all your messages, SMS/MMS and read or listen to your voicemail messages.

Music – Listen to your music that has been saved to your device which displays the cover artwork. You can use the internal speaker or plug in your earbuds. Preloaded are a few samples of new artists that showcase a song off their new album. You can view your music by artist, albums, playlists, all songs, genre, and a new option of composers.

My Verizon Mobile – View your phone usage overview. Also includes detailed information about your plan, bill, payments, profile, media, services, and support.

Peep – Your phones twitter. Setup your account to post all your text messages or log in to show ones you would prefer.

People – Contact lists, add a new one or view all, or groups, also has an online directory, which gives you a company directory or sign into Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. You can also view your call history.

Phone – Your mobile devices phone display. Dial out entering the number, or save a name with that number to be added to the contact lists. You can view your call history from here too.

Places – Use your current location to view things near you, or find the places you want to go. This app has categories of Restaurants, Bars, Attractions, Gas Stations, Coffee, Hotels, ATM’s, and Add. Type in your destination with the search.

Quickoffice – Uses your office programs on your mobile device.

Search People – Search through your contact lists, from typing or voice.

Settings – Personalize your device, view Wireless & networks, Call, Sound, Display, Accounts & Sync, Location, Search, Connect to PC, Security, Applications, SD & Phone storage, Date & time, Language & keyboard, Accessibility, Voice input & output, About phone.

Setup – Walks you through the setup of your phone with different options for example social sites, internet connections, and language, onscreen keyboard, Sync system, and Google location.

Skype mobile – The very useful Skype program on your mobile device. Make calls and instant messages, to others with an account with Skype. And low rates to cell phones and landlines abroad.

Stocks – Use this app to view the DOW or NASDAC, or any stock you want.

Teeter – The only game that comes with…. This fun, challenging games is very similar to Labyrinth. Roll your ball through mazes and drop through the green hole. But watch out for black holes, walls and different angled floors. The reaction of six axis control is seamless and has a vibration when hitting something. Very cool game, will keep you busy for hours.

Videos – Playback videos taken with your mobile device.

Voice Dialer – Dial any number from your contact list by name, or say the number that you would like to call.

Voice Mail – View your voicemail messages, with options or reading them or listening to the message. You are able to access all messages from here too, as in SMS/MMS.

Voice Recorder – Record and playback voice memos, record a conversation, or a love note to your sweetheart. Displays time & date, day, length of recording and a catalog of recordings. Share via Bluetooth, Gmail Mail, Messages.

Voice Search – Speak into your phone for searching the internet. Makes typing seem obsolete.

VZ Navigator – Get directions and navigation from Verizon, using your devices location. This is a very cool useful app for travelers, adventurers or vacation planners.

Weather – View the weather of your saved city, with a 4-day forecast.

You Tube – This app connects you directly, and search videos.

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