K-9 Mail

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K-9 Mail for Android

Your email watch dog!

Get K-9 Mail for your open-source email client with search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self, PGP, mail on SD & more!

K-9 supports IMAP, POP3 and Exchange 2003/2007 (with WebDAV).
Sync multiple accounts to display them in one unified inbox. Add a new email account whenever you like.
You can open a message and then move to earlier or later messages with simple arrow keys, or organize messages in list view by swiping them to the right to delete, archive or move them to folders.

With a user interface that is simple and easy to use, allows for plenty of customization with the settings menu.
Select settings to automatically shrink messages to fit the screen width with ability to zoom-in or zoom-out.

Quickly view who sent you the email with contact pictures on the message list.
A newly added a split screen setting to display message list and message contents side by side. You can also view a screen to notify the user of database upgrades after updating K-9 Mail. If you think you are missing messages, use the Pull-to-refresh mail feature.

K-9 Mail for Android K-9 Mail for Android K-9 Mail for Android

K-9 Mail features:

    • Open-source email client
    • Multiple accounts in one unified inbox
    • Improved integrated with third-party apps
    • Rich notifications
    • Color picker – for account colors
    • Zoom IN/OUT – mobile devices (pinch-to-zoom), zoom controls
    • Automatically shrinks message to fit screen width
    • Message threading
    • Pull-to-refresh – to check for new mail

K-9 Mail is perfect for the mail minded users, new improvements, bug fixes and altered widgets can provide the most out of your mail.

Install the K-9 Mail app today!

Android – Please check in Google Play

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