OOVOO Mobile

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

OOVOO Mobile for the Android    

Android has a new free app for you to talk and see your friends on the go, OOVOO Mobile.
Chat mobile to mobile, PC, or web with up to 6 friends at a time.

OOVOO Mobile will Connect you with friends or family with High Quality video calls. Choose between video call, regular call or IM (instant messaging) and look through your contact list, select your friends and family to call.
View images of your contacts in the contact list, in the IM display and call display above the video.

Have the ability to IM multi-participants. I love this feature, the same as everyone knows already in bright big type, and images of the person your instant messaging.

It’s like Facebook and phones made a baby together and became the best way to IM.

Don’t forget the regular calling, which is better when you have an image of your contact on the display.
It is a very attractive UI (user interface) and easy to navigate, any part of this application.

This Beta version (a test version) Works on any network WiFi, 3G, 4G

Note: Must have a front-facing camera

Check in Google Play

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