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Opera Max app for Android

Save Data with Opera Max!

Data doesn’t come cheap, so make what you have last longer.

The Opera Max app gives you the ability to do just that.

While using your favorite apps, monitor and manage data consumption, boost Wi-Fi speeds and more!

How does this save data?

Opera’s servers are set to compress data before it is sent to your device over Wi-Fi or Cellular.

With the ultimate goal of saving data, you should use it all the time, using any app on Wi-Fi or Cellular. You can however, select which apps enable savings, and if it will use Wi-Fi or Cellular.
Control data wasted by unused apps, or block apps that use background data or any data. Monitor internet usage with the data usage timeline. Receive smart alerts about data usage.

Save up to 50% of your data when watching with Opera Max!

Watch more videos on YouTube and your favorite shows or movies with Netflix. With a decent picture quality that is very smooth and a bit of buffering, it is an enjoyable video experience.
Speed, quality, buffering and data savings are all going to depend on your service provider.

Listen to your streaming apps with up to a 40% data savings!

Save data while listening to Pandora, YouTube Music, Gaana, Saavn and Slacker Radio.

Save data usage while surfing the web, emailing, transferring files and boost your Wi-Fi connection on crowded networks.

There is no analysis or storage of any private data, so you can stay private and secure.

Opera Max app for the Android Opera Max app for the Android Opera Max app for the Android

Opera Max features:

    • Compressed data
    • Watch more movies
    • Listen to more music
    • Monitor apps data usage
    • Control apps data usage
    • Control background data usage
    • Data-usage timeline
    • Smart Alerts
    • Boost Wi-Fi speeds
    • Private and Secure

With the Opera Max app you can view data usage by the month and down to the day. You can view a summary to help you choose the right data plan in the future.
For the Computer, Tablet or Mobile.

Install the Opera Max app now!

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