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phonehalo for the Android    

Can’t find your keys! Not a problem anymore with one of the best apps out there.
Find, Protect, and Locate your mobile devices and your most valuable items, with Phone Halo.

Well to inform you about the application, I must first mention it works along with a sensory device that must be purchased from phone halo LLC. If you would like to purchase the device visit them here at

As you wait for the device in the mail. Install the free app, and explore the settings and options of this great device/app combo.

The first feature you will notice is the alarm.
Via Bluetooth set a distance that alerts you of when you have gone out of range from the device. If you have lost either your valuable or phone sound an alert to pin point each. If you did not hear the alert and find your device you will receive an email alert with information to locate it with Device Info, such as name of tagged item, proximity status, date/time, address last seen, and a map of GPS location.

Finding the device from your phone is very easy as you have GPS Map, Device Info, Last Seen information, and Notifications at your fingertips.

Phone Halo has versatility of having a device that can be attached to just about anything feel secure in knowing you can protect, find and tag your most important valuables. Alert yourself of where you lost your phone, or protect your keys, purse, luggage, computer, and even the kids the list is endless.

Phone Halo has created a really useful app and I am a big fan! I recommend it to everyone.

Buy the device and install this free app, Phone Halo to secure your valuables!

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