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Ring Dimmer for the Android      

RingDimmer the smart, perfect volume control with Intuitive Ring Volume!

That’s right use this very intuitive app to control the ring volume of your Android device. The unique thing is that the app listens to everything going on around you, and calculates the volume of the ring.
Or say you’re in the night club, and can’t hear your ring. RingDimmer will up the volume so you don’t miss that important call on the dance floor.

Can’t hear your Device in your pocket? No problem!
RingDimmer can tell when your device is in your pocket. You can also use the Smart Vibrate feature that will set your ring to vibrate mode, when it’s in your pocket.

Don’t worry about battery life!
This app has been designed to conserve battery life. I have checked and it hadn’t even moved my battery indicator within 6 hours of testing.

Other useful information!
You can also take comfort in knowing that you’re always getting the perfect ring volume with the Automatic Start at Boot, which is used during upgrades or shutting off your device.

Full internet access will update your app automatically and send crash reports.

You can record, from RingDimmer, as it is used to listen to ambient noise. Set your phone down and record the conversation with an obvious display for a meeting, or discreetly record with no one the wiser.

Ring Dimmer app for the Android Ring Dimmer Ring Dimmer app

RingDimmer features:

    • Perfect Ring Volume
    • Pocket Sensitivity
    • Smart Vibrate
    • Conserves Battery
    • Record Audio
    • Full Internet Access
    • Automatic Start at Boot

You will love this app, and probably forget that it’s there, because it will blend so nicely into your life.

Download RingDimmer, the perfect ring volume for any occasion!

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