Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S Android Preloaded Apps

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Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S Android Preloaded Apps    

The Fascinate is a Verizon powerhouse. With 6 choices from the Galaxy S line, I think the Fascinate is the brightest star.

Use this phone for all your daily activities from updating your social sites, checking weather, record voice memos, surfing the web, play games, read books, and provide WiFi to your computers. All of this functionality and more is preloaded with your purchase.

Please read on for a more detailed description of Android applications offered with this mobile device.

Primary shortcut icons –

Phone – Tap this icon to access your dialer keys, Call log, Contacts, Favorites, Voicemail, and Messaging.

Contacts – Lists of Contacts, Groups, History, and Activities.

Messaging – compose texts or messages that can be emailed or saved as drafts.

Applications – Your path to all the apps on your mobile device.

Home screen shortcut icons  –

Music Play – Listen to music on saved on your device, categorized by All, Playlists, Albums, and Artists.

Maps – Bing maps.

VZ Navigator – Get directions and navigation from Verizon, using your devices location. This is a very cool useful app for travelers, adventurers or vacation planners.

Write & Go – Take notes, memos, send messages, or text from this one app.

Gallery – All saved images, or videos downloaded or taken by your phones camera.

My Verizon Mobile – View your phone usage overview. Also includes detailed information about your plan, bill, payments, profile, media, services, and support.

Camera – Take photos or videos with your phone, options to choose from, Shooting modes, Flash, Exposure value, and settings.

Market – Download Android apps with the market. Home page displays featured apps, with a menu of Apps, Games, and Verizon, which offers many free. Every category you choose, will offer Top paid, Top free, Just in. If you can’t find the app you are searching for, check back regularly, as they’re updated daily.

Settings – A menu list of options for Wireless & networks, Call settings, Sounds & display, Location & security, Applications, Accounts & sync, Privacy, SD card & phone storage, USB settings, Search, Language & keyboard, Accessibility, Text-to-speech, Date & time, and About phone.

Voice Search – Browse the internet by speaking into your mobile device.

Bing – A compilation of searching the internet, Images, Movies, Maps, Local, News, Directions.

Email – Connect to your existing email accounts, setup one with Gmail.

Browser – Verizon’s web browser that you can surf the web to find your desired website in seconds.

Voicemail – View your voicemail messages, with options or reading them or listening to the message. You are able to access all messages from here too, as in SMS/MMS.

Applications Screens –

Primary shortcuts now appear with a home icon which takes you back to your home screen.

3G Mobile Hotspot – Provide other devices with your 3G internet connection with as if where a wireless router.

Allshare – Play or download media from your device on other players. Upload your media to a server. Listen or watch media from a server on a player controlled by your device.

BLOCKBUSTER – Download this app from the Market and control your BLOCKBUSTER By MAIL QUEUE. Browse and search the entire mobile catalog of BLOCKBUSTER On Demand titles. Get new releases instantly. Only pay for the movies or games you want.

Calculator – A use of the whole screen. Big, bright keys and large numbers.

Calendar – View Months, Weeks, Days, with a list of saved events that are indicated by a highlighted date. At the bottom of the screen there’s a small widget with descriptions and times of saved dates.

Car Cradle – Displays apps one would use in the car. View Map, Voice Search, Navigation, Contacts, and Search.

City ID –  Lets you see the city that an incoming call is from. Enter a number into the the search field and it will display the state, just from the area code, and city as you enter the prefix.

Clock – Alarm, set times you would wake up to, or remind yourself of events and meetings. World clock, lets you check the time zones around the world, save as many of them as you would like. Stopwatch, time yourself at any activity you do. Timer, use this instead of quesstimating the length of time.

Daily Briefing – An app that displays the weather of your current location or anyplace of your choosing, with a 3-day forecast. Check the weather hour by hour, Radar/Sat, Forecast details. Also provides Finance which allows you view stocks of your liking. AP Mobile, keep on top of the headlines from the Associated Press. Keep your day organized down to every detail with Schedule.

Desk Cradle – Customize how it looks, however default settings displays time, date, day, and temperature, with icons for Alarm, Voice Search, Gallery, Daily Briefing, and Music.

Email – View messages from accounts that you sync to your phone.

Gmail – Syncs with your Gmail on your computer. Don’t have one yet? No problem sign up for an account right from this app.

Kindle – Download this Amazon app and read books right on your phone.

Memo – Write notes or memos tht are posted on a corkboard.

Mobile IM – Sync up with Yahoo messaging, Windows Live, and AIM.

My Files – A menu list of files on your mobile device Download, Kindle, Android, LIST. DIR, DCIM.

NFS – Download this exciting driving game.

Skype Mobile – The very useful Skype program on your mobile device. Make calls and instant messages, to others with an account with Skype. And low rates to cell phones and landlines abroad.

Task Manager – Tap this icon to close or uninstall apps (note.. it is important to check this frequently for apps don’t always close. Which uses battery life). Check your devices RAM, and storage.

Tetris – Install the classic puzzle game.

Think Free Office – Office programs, adapted for mobile devices.

VCAST Music – Rhapsody powered, listen to music, download, or browse.

VCAST Tones – Personalize your phone with ringtones and Ringback Tones. Create your own or purchase as many as you wish. Check your phone plan service fees may apply.

VCAST Videos – View the latest News, Sports, Entertainment, and Weather clips. Subscribe for Daily Access – $3.00 or Monthly Access – $10.00.

Video Player – Plays videos saved on your phone, downloaded or taken by your devices.

Voice Commands – Use your device with voice commands, make calls, create new contacts, and more

Voice Recorder – Record your thoughts, or anything you would like, with this cool app.

You Tube – Search videos with this app that connects you directly.

Pinball – The only game that is pre-installed. Choose from options of controls and sounds. Select from 7 tables, Christmas tree, Sixties, Android land, Invaders, Soccer, Underwater, and Bowling.

Remote RDP Lite

Proximity WiFi – Save battery life as this app toggles between WiFi access points that you use.

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