Taming Information Stealing Smartphone Applications (TISSA)

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

A Privacy and Data-Security Protection App for Android, IT’S ABOUT TIME!

Well coming soon, you will be able to secure more of your mobile device’s data. The system known as TISSA (Taming Information Stealing Smartphone Applications), tackles the new alarming concerns of user-data privacy protection in Android devices. The primary task is to install customizable privacy settings for the level of information that each app can access and or share. The settings can be tweaked dynamically, and could be adjusted each time you run an app.

Choose options for each app and control the Location detection, Phone Identity, Contacts, and Call Logs. The options given to you “Trusted”, “Anonymized”, “Bogus”, and “Empty”. Apps that are “Trusted” will be free reign, “Anonymized” are sent general information but are kept out of important personal data, “Bogus” sends apps fake data, and there’s “Empty” sending the app an unavailable, or it does not exist.

Now offering the consumer more options than the iOS that Apple’s options for privacy selections, you can send the app bogus or anonymous data. Other than making the developers money there’s no need for the data at all. We should be given the option of participating in data controlled advertising.

Google’s engineering exec stands on the platform that fragmentation needs no defense, because everything should be open, Well I say Hell NO!

Keep a look out for your neighborhood, privacy and data-security protection app!

Note: I always try to give you the app icon to identify it in the Market, but I cannot find one for the upcoming TISSA app. I did find this image of the ui .

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