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Tasker app for the Android

Android device automation!

The Tasker app automates actions on your mobile devices. Say you want Bluetooth enabled when you get in the car for hands free calling or disable your lockscreen while you’re at home.

Tasker can do that, too. Want to hack together your own personal assistant to read out texts and caller ID while driving, and dictate responses?
You can automate tasks to run at designated points using profiles, which are triggered by contexts such as time or sensor data (connectivity, location, etc). You can create scenes that display content or controls by which you can further interact with your profiles. And you can create and store variables for use in tasks, profiles, and scenes.

Contexts are the IF and the designated task is the THEN, in this basic programming scenario. These profiles will have two contexts, the first being time and the second being the day of the week. And while you can have AND (time AND date have to be correct), you cannot have OR (time OR date correct), so for four different showtimes require four different profiles. Thankfully once you make one, it’s easy to clone them and change the contexts

It is a little confusing, at first!
Tasker is very much a trial and error type of app, and as such is heavily reliant on support groups, such as the forum from the official site and the Google+ communities. That alarm clock that I use every day now, I had to turn to the Tasker community on Google+ to get that finally working – which is slightly embarrassing, as simple as it turned out to be. A lot of things in Tasker are like that actually. It all seems big and scary and complicated, and then when it works, it just kinda hits you over the head with how simple it can actually be.

Many of the more advanced applications for Tasker take advantage of the copious amounts of plugins that are developed for Tasker. There are too many to list, but I will highlight a few that I believe every user should know about: Tasker App Factory, and João Dias’s many plugins such as AutoVoice, AutoVera, and AutoNotification.

Tasker App Factory is a wonderful tool for any phone, but for me and my Moto X it goes just a step further. Tasker App Factory — you guessed it — turns tasks into standalone apps, which can be distributed and installed, even on devices without Tasker.

Tasker app for the Android Tasker app for the Android Tasker app for the Android

Tasker features:

    • Automate actions
    • Contexts are the if
    • Designated task is the Then
    • Clone contexts

I’m always stunned by the things people come up with to do in this little app, and I’m sure those who are unfamiliar with it would have their minds blown, too, so feel free to show off your Tasker skills in the comments.

Download the Tasker app now!

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