Vybe – Custom Vibrations

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Vybe - Custom Vibrations for the Android     

Vybe – Custom Vibrations

Create custom vibrations for any contact, email, text or app notifications!

Now you can feel, who is calling or texting without even looking at your mobile device. Create custom vibration patterns for your phone calls, app notifications and text messages. And now Vybe supports WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Gmail, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

It’s really cool and really simple!
Simply Create, Assign and Feel it. With an intuitive interface create as many vibrations as you like and assign them.

From the main screen tap the center recording button. Tap the large button to register your vibration sequence. Next you can assign this vibration as the default or to a contact. Save to a contact with the lower right button. The lower left button is your saved vibrations list. When assigning vibrations to a contact, you can select apply, apply to call, apply to SMS, Apply to WhatsApp, Apply to Facebook, and more apps.
Set vibration as default is at the top of screen.

From the list of saved vibrations, just tap the contact and you can feel the vibration associated to it.

Through your devices settings, you must enable Vybe service. From these settings you can change settings with one tap to disable Vybe. This will disable all vibrations. You can disable phone call vibrations or SMS App vibrations.

There’s a help guide, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Changelog and Share to spread the vibrations.

Vybe – Custom Vibrations for AndroidVybe – Custom VibrationsVybe – Custom Vibrations app for Android

Vybe – Custom Vibrations features:

      • Custom Vibration patterns
      • Apply to Phone Calls, SMS Text, App Notifications and individual contacts.
      • Disable vibrations
      • Easy to use

Required Permissions:
   1. Receive text messages (SMS) permission: required to process and apply custom vibrations on incoming texts.
   2. Read your contacts permission: required to read, display and apply custom vibrations on a per contact basis.
   3. Read phone status and identity permission: required to process and apply custom vibrations on incoming phone calls.
   4. Modify system settings permission: required to disable phone call vibration from device settings so that custom vibrations may run.
   5. Full network access permission: required for ads and push notifications.
   6. Prevent tablet from sleeping/Prevent phone from sleeping permission: required for push notifications.

How cool is this? Now you can customize your android device down to the vibrations. WAY COOL!!!!!

Download the coolest contact customization, Vybe – Custom Vibrations!

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