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1Password for the iPad and iPhone     1Password - AgileBits Inc.


Sync all your Apple devices with 1Password!

Have you forgotten passwords before? They have an app for that!
I have forgotten passwords before and it is frustrating. Don’t let the frustration get the better of you, set 1 password to control them all.

With 1Password you can create strong, unique passwords for every site which is protected behind your master password. Cryptographic operations use standard iOS libraries to ensure no security gaps or backdoors appear. Adding a military grade 256-bit AES encryption creates even more security.
What if your device is stolen or lost? Don’t worry you can take comfort with the auto-lock.

You get more than just password auto-fill. Create, edit and use many item types including: Credit Cards, Secure Notes, Passports, Bank Accounts and much more.
Organize your data into Folders, mark your most used items as Favorites. View Attachments or browse the internet with a built-in browser.
Browse multiple sites at once using tabs. Use the Go & Fill to easily launch and sign in to websites with a single tap. Automatically fill Credit Card while shopping online and auto-fill address info.

1Password automatically synchronizes your data across all your devices.

iCloud support on iOS means secure syncing with Apple simplicity. Dropbox support for cross-platform syncing including 1Password for Mac, Windows and Android (sold separately at http://1password.com)
Just purchase this application once and use across all your iOS devices.

1Password app for iPad and iPhone 1Password

1Password features:

   • Single master password for all online passwords
   • Secure military grade 256-bit AES encryption
   • Cryptographic operations use iOS libraries – ensures no security gaps or backdoors
   • Auto-lock
   • Create and edit item types – Credit Cards, Secure Notes, Passports, Bank Accounts and much more
   • Mark as Favorites
   • Organize data in Folders
   • Attachment viewer
   • Powerful search
   • Customize items
   • Built-in browser – Go & Fill, Auto-fill Credit Cards, Auto-fill Addresses, Browse multiple sites at once
   • iCloud support
   • Dropbox support
   • Purchase once for all your iOS devices
   • 13 Languages

1Password supports 13 languages – English, Bokmal, Norwegian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Sync your online passwords across all devices safely and securely to make life easier!

Download your 1Password today!

1Password - AgileBits Inc.

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