Bluetooth OnOff.

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Bluetooth OnOff. for the iPad and iPhone     Bluetooth OnOff. - JUNG DISK

Bluetooth OnOff., accesses Bluetooth quickly!

Streamline turning On & Off Bluetooth!

Bluetooth OnOff., makes it easy to activate or deactivate Bluetooth.
Make sure your Bluetooth Device is turned on to connect to your iPads, iPhones, or iPod touches.

Just open the app!

You can change your settings to turn on Bluetooth with launching the app. This setting will also turn off Bluetooth upon launch.

Bluetooth OnOff. lets you chat with nearby users!

Chat with other users around, with Bluetooth On.
Both you and the other person will need Bluetooth On to connect.

Bluetooth OnOff. app for the iPad and iPhoneBluetooth OnOff.

You will love the convenience of this app and how easy it is to use your Bluetooth. Your iDevice has the awesome technology, why not use it? Right.

Download Bluetooth OnOff. now for true convenience!

Bluetooth OnOff. - JUNG DISK

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