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Color Schemer for the iPad and iPhone     ColorSchemer - CHROMAom

The must have app for any artist… Color Schemer is a wonderful tool, to give you inspiration and the information of colors, color combinations, RGB and hex colors.

CHROMAom has created an app that automatically sincs your palettes with your free COLOURIovers account, so you’ll have them wherever you go. Connect with the COLOURIover community, Comment, Love and Fave palletes, or get feedback on your own creations. Share your palettes with friends, or coworkers, via email.

Create palettes from photos, using your camera or photo library as inspiration. Visualize color harmonies and relationships on the built-in pocket color wheel. Use the LiveSchemes tool to rotate color palettes while maintaining their harmony relationships.

Your menu bar gives you Color Wheel, Live Schemes, PhotSchemer, and Spectrum. Create new palettes with your Color Wheel, the Live Schemes is basically like the Color Wheel with more shades and highlights of colors. PhotoSchemer creates a palette for you from a color from a picture. Spectrum brings up a spectrum of the color you have selected.

Browse and search over 1 million palettes created and shared by COLOURIovers members.

Share your creations with the design community, and use others palettes to get inspirations

Install the best art app out there and get to Schemein’ colors.

ColorSchemer - CHROMAom

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