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AirPlay for the iPad and iPhone     

AirPlay is your connection for entertainment!

With a wireless live stream connect an iDevice to your TV, and DJ your heart out and control your speakers.

You can mirror your iDevice to your TV and view everything from webpages, games, photos and videos even zoom in and out. Everything you see the people in the room will see.

Play your tunes all night long, and stream to every speaker in the house. A song, an album a favorite playlist, anything!

Play games on your TV with the Dual screen, where you use an iDevice as the controls. I had played Battle Supremacy, and it was awesome on the TV screen!

All of this connectivity and no catch. Well there is 1.
You must have devices that can connect wirelessly. In short you must purchase Apple TV and have an HDTV and Wi-Fi.
There are some new televisions on the market that come equipped with Apple TV.

Stereo Systems, Receivers and Speakers have a wider variety as Airplay has built-in technology in Bang & Oluufsen, Bose, B&W, Harman Kardon, Libratone, Philips, Polk Audio and iHome look at speakers here.

AirPlay for the iPad and iPhone AirPlay for the iPad and iPhone

For older brands of speakers, that have auxiliary cord jacks, you can purchase the AirPort Express, plug it into the speakers and into the wall, and it will provide you with internet access with a built in WiFi, that boosts your current connection and provides you with your devices library anywhere.
You can also print from any device using the AirPort Express. Any one from any room in the house can print from one printer. This really makes it convenient and more cost effective for your familys printing needs.

AirPlay is a built-in feature of iOS 5, and comes with screen-mirroring in the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S. Just tap the photos, videos, music or webpages you want and there will be an AirPlay icon, tap the icon and it will automatically take over and start streaming.

You can also receive this great application on iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation) in future iOS updates. With the upgrade to iOS 5, Apple TV, HDTV, Wi-Fi, and speakers you can control everything entertainment, anywhere in your home.

AirPlay for the iPad and iPhone

Along with the automatic icon that pops up in certain apps, there are others in the Apps Store for controlling your streaming. I prefer the Remote application. I like the easy-to-use user interface (UI), it’s straight to the point and can control everything you can stream even the volume.

QuickPlay for AirPlay is for videos in your photo roll.

iHome Connect is an app for configuring the WiFi settings, and provides information for setting up speakers and more.

Listen worldwide radio turns your device into a radio, and you can pick up anything anywhere, which can then be streamed over AirPlay to speakers or Apple TV.

If you would like to stay simple and just control play and volume, most brands o.

Remember this full connectivity of entertainment comes at a price of purchasing new devices that are equipped with AirPlay. Look for the – Made for AirPlay– on the box somewhere.

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