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icloud for iPhone and iPad

Apple is blowing in on the iCloud.
The term “cloud” has been over-used in the past year, and often used in the wrong meaning. But Apples iCloud will offer anywhere access to users’ own media, documents and apps, which meets the requirements of the term “cloud”.

iCloud is SWEET, sync all your iPhones, iPods and iPads!

As the future of mobile devices will be developed around the platform of personal access to users’ own media over internet services. We are hearing rumors that iOS 5 will integrate iCloud. Users will be able to sync and store much of the same information they currently can with the company’s existing MobileMe service, such as bookmarks, email, contacts, and iCal events, music, movies and apps.

Apples competition is running strong with their version of streamed bring – your-own-music services, and will have to offer more to internet – based media storage than Google and Amazon. They both have launched their cloud services within the last month and both offer pretty nice looking packages. You may want to look at all that is offered where Google allows participants to upload up to 20,000 songs to stream anywhere. Amazon is handing out 5GB (about 700 songs) free to everybody, but purchasing a single album, granted the user 20GB for a year at no extra charge.

Apple has been working on iCloud as far back as 2009, when it bought Lala, a business with strong technology and rights deals in the streaming music area. iCloud is preparing its services and holding-off on their launch, where Amazon does not have express written consent of the music industry’s legal department. This will ensure a smoother launch. This may also mean fees and restrictions on storing your already purchased music.

Movies are presenting problems of security, where the door for ripped DVDs and pirated movies is wide-open. The movie industry is calm at the moment, because the cost of storage alone is prohibitive. Since movies files are huge and come wrapped tightly in the latest content security, Netflix streamed model is very popular. This would give users access to video without having to carry it around.

icloud for iPhone and iPad

So the agenda of iCloud is music, video and apps, emails, contacts. The apps are easy for Google’s whole Chrome platform is based around the idea of web-based software. Personal storage and back-up is thrown in the mix so everyone has a “locked safe” for your stuff. To round off that agenda, we might see more from the utilities that provide Internet access. They really need to perfect internet connectivity as there’s more reliance as we shift to the clouds.

Some of the top features:

Notification Center – A single place that combines all notifications, by swiping your finger down from the top. Uh, a lot like Android.
Improved lock screen – Notification details appear on it. Swipe finger across the particular message to drop straight into that app. Text message? Swipe and you go right into the conversation.
Newsstand – Dynamic newspaper and magazine delivery system.
Twitter – Single sign-on, configured for Twitter for all apps you download from the App Store. You’re logged in, and don’t need to log in every time. As expected, you can Tweet photos right from Camera; also pages from Safari, maps from Map app, videos from YouTube, etc.
Mobile Safari – Safari Reader gives smarter views of stories, such as single page scroll for multiple-page stories; better page emailing. Reading List is a way to save stories you want to read, synced across Safari on Mac and Windows and all your iOS devices.
Reminders – Set up reminders, not just on time, but on place: “Remind me to call wife when I leave campus.” As soon as you wander off, your notification appears.
Camera – Access from the lock screen, even if you have a passcode. You can now take pictures using the Volume Up button. Red-eye remove, crop and other edits right on the phone. Auto-focus lock for taking pics of squirrelly kids.
Mail updates – Indents, address dragging, flagging, searching entire contents of messages, swipe to inbox. Split keyboard for iPad.
PC Free – “We’re living in the post-PC world.” Customers want iPad as only device. Ready to go out of the box. Software updates are over the air, so you don’t have to plug in. And now updates will be smaller: you’ll just download what changes. And in apps, you can create and delete calendars, edit photos etc., all without a computer.
Games – More downloads, support for turn-based games. 50 million Game Center users.
iMessage – New messaging across all iOS 5 users: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (but apparently not Mac). You can send text, photos, video, and create groups. You can even get delivery receipts. Pushed to all devices. Works with Wi-Fi-only devices. Encrypted over-the-air. Even has an IM-style conversation mode, where you see when someone’s typing.

Other features – Wi-Fi sync to iTunes, AirPlay mirroring for wireless TV viewing of content. New multitouch gestures, so you can flick between apps

So keep your eyes on the sky and you’ll find yourself in the iClouds.

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