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Newsstand for the iPad and iPhone     


Digital Magazines and Newspapers + Newsstand on your iDevice = Awesome!

Read all about it! The new way, to read your favorite publications, on your mobile devices, all in-one-place and comes pre-installed with iOS 5. Organize your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions in Newsstand. It’s easy to purchase new issues through the App store and you will receive notifications when new issues arrive.

It’s really cool how the icon fills up as you purchase magazines from the App Store.

It‘s a little confusing because you actually only are saving an app of that magazine or newspaper. At this point you still have to purchase issues. Browse the store, search for titles, view ratings and more. View latest issue covers, with issue number and the subhead. After the purchase of Subscriptions, they will appear in the Newsstand, and you’re ready to read.

Newsstand for the iPad and iPhone

The Newsstand icon will keep you aware of new issues with notification alerts, that numbers the new issues available.

Newsstand for the iPad and iPhoneNewsstand for the iPad and iPhone

Once you get over, seeing the constant cost of $4.99 for issues or a full year subscription for $23.99. Find the “Store” button on the topshelf of the Newsstand.

You can read your favorite magazines and newspapers anywhere you go, right on your iDevice.

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