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Launch Center Pro for the iPad and iPhone

Speed up your common tasks!

Launch an application and immediately perform some sort of basic function with Launch Center Pro, just like speed dial.
These actions are also known as URL schemes, which are foundations that can be built into apps which allow the app to be launched and often various functions within it to be triggered automatically via URLs.

Launch Center Pro is designed to make things easier, quicker and more efficient, and it does just that. After a preliminary setup, you can centralize a series of apps that can perform functions. From the Home screen you can view a grid of rectangles containing Actions that can appear as app icons, custom color/icons combinations, photos, or web clips that trigger actions when tapped. You may also create Groups that appear as white circles with grey borders and thin, grey icons inside of them. Groups are basically folders containing more Actions, just tap the icon to open it, replacing the Actions and Groups on the man grid with actions from that Group.

Create a custom Home Screen to your needs. The first time opening the app you will see pre-populated default Actions and Groups. Keep the ones you want and set up your own. Tap the top left corner to choose a different grid theme, if you don’t like the default white theme.
Add, delete, and moving of Actions is done by tapping the small pencil icon, found in the top right corner. This will put the grid in Edit Mode, where you can move around Actions and Groups or tap the small “x” to delete or tap the plus button to add new ones.
The same goes for opening groups, you can add, delete and edit the grid. The new sub-grid automatically creates actions, and displays and “i” instead of an “x” that you can tap to change the name of the icon for the group, or delete it entirely. To return to editing the main grid, just tap the group icon again to close it.
In edit mode you may also edit actual Actions, tap the icon to open the action editor (this is what opens when creating an Action).

Creating or editing an Action!
Actions, consist of 2 main fields, Name and URL. You can make custom URLs for more advanced functionality, or Choose pre-written URLs for hundreds of different apps in the Action Composer.
The Action Composer is broken down into Featured Actions, these are their most prominent actions that are complicated functions which require extensive knowledge of writing URL schemes.
System Actions are based around Launch Center Pro and iOS system level actions. Installed Apps lists every action corresponding with apps installed on your iDevice. All Supported Apps are URL schemes for all apps with written actions. Find new Apps with URL schemes that are of a higher caliber in Featured Apps. Recently Added are the most recent additions to the Action library.
All Supported Apps, Featured Apps and Recently Added sections provide a download icon on the right side to be redirected to the App Store to download it.

Launch Center Pro has an extensive library of URL schemes perfect for Messaging loved ones, Take a photo and message it to your friends, Control your Nest Thermostat via IFTTT, Quickly search Wikipedia, Scan a bar code and search on Amazon and so much more.

Launch Center Pro for the iPad and iPhone Launch Center Pro for the iPad and iPhone Launch Center Pro for the iPad and iPhone

Launch Center Pro features:
    • Speed up everyday tasks
    • Quickly connect to everyone
    • Send to or from Dropbox, Share GIFs
    • Control your Nest Thermostat via IFTTT
    • Quickly Search Wikipedia
    • Jump right to your favorite website
    • Create a new item in OmniFocus
    • Search Twitter using Tweetbot
    • Add, Edit or delete Actions
    • Action Composer – Library of prewritten URL Schemes
    • Icon
    • Schedule – Schedule Actions
    • Location Triggers – Trigger Actions by Geofences and iBeacons
    • Notification Sound – Assign a sound to specific Actions
    • Share Actions
    • Customize your grid theme

Location Triggers can be used to make tasks even faster.
Set up a Geofence around a location and you can trigger an Action whenever you arrive. Geofences are a great location tool, but not as accurate as iBeacons. The technology behind iBeacons provides a faster, more accurate location for initializing Actions.

Launch Center Pro truly speeds up common tasks, and is getting more advanced with every new Action that are added frequently.

Install the Launch Center Pro app now!

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