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RingShuffle for the iPad and iPhone     RingShuffle - RingCentral, Inc


Keep your phone number private with RingShuffle!

RingShuffle gives you a temporary number to give out. Instantly select a Shuffle Number and in real-time it will be activated to ring to your device. For any reason you ever have to give out a fake number, give out a Shuffle Number and manage those annoying calls.

Select a Shuffle Number with any area code. All calls to your Shuffle Number will automatically forward to your private phone number. With that caller never knowing your real number.

Create an account, enter your mobile number, email and password. After you have a RingShuffle account, then Log in and you will able to Shuffle your number.
You’re given a choice between 3 new numbers, probably with the same area code, as yours. You can tap the change area code and enter 3 new digits. They must be real area codes.

You can keep your Shuffle Number 7 days. Simply Shuffle to get a new fake number and stop receiving calls from the old one. You can cancel a Shuffle Number at any time by deleting it.


   • FREE for a limited time
   • Instantly available numbers
   • Real-time connectivity
   • Area Code Selection
   • Temporary number good for 7 days
   • Cancel number at anytime

   • Your number stays private

RingShuffle is absolutely perfect for singles on the dating scene, when you’re looking for a job, or trying to sell something. Pretty much any reason you would ever need a temporary means of contact.

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Download RingShuffle and Shuffle your Number. New Need. New Number!

RingShuffle - RingCentral, Inc

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