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RMaker for the iPad and iPhone     Ringtone Maker Pro - Create free ringtones with your music! - Zentertain Ltd.

Have you tired of the preloaded ringtones that came with your phone?
You don’t have to be any more, with this very cool app.

I enjoyed making my own ringtones, that express my personality, I think you will too.

Zentertain LTD created RMaker, the app that lets you use any part of a song you already have in your music library, right from your mobile device.

The free version lets you make a 6-20 second ringtone, starting at any point of the song. You can select a fade-in/out option.

Save as many ringtone creations that you would like and upload them to your phone. You must have 3GS or iPhone 4, to access your custom ringtones on your device.

The full version offers more options to use such as funny editing, custom length of 6-40 seconds, 400 combination choices and playback speed control & pitch shifting.

RMaker for the iPad and iPhone RMaker RMaker app

So download this app and get creative with your ringtones!

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Full version:
Ringtone Maker Pro - Create free ringtones with your music! - Zentertain Ltd.


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Free version:
Ringtone Maker - Make free ringtones from your music! - Zentertain Ltd.

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