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Tiger Text for the iPad and iPhone     TigerText Free Group Texting App - X Sigma Partners LLC

Ever send a text that you wish you could take back!

The ability to so call “manage” your texts has been next to impossible or non-existent. But not any more with Tiger Text app that gives you the ability to control text messages

Tiger Text isn’t very new, since the app has been around for about a year for various smartphones. The footprint of our digital shadow is growing with every post and every text that we send. Take back control!

The developers wanted to give the user the control of who can read a message, prevent it from being forwarded, and determine how long it lives. It would be awesome if the new message recall function would fix some of those, “I shouldn’t have sent that” moments.

The other features offered are:

Create and manage groups easily: Create new groups and add or delete individuals from groups with one simple and intuitive drag-and-drop. TigerText’s group messages have the same level of control and confirmation as any one-on-one conversation.

Determine who receives the message: TigerText messages cannot be forwarded to other recipients.
Keep their identity private: A TigerText username is created so that users can keep their mobile phone numbers, email addresses and names private if they want.

Tiger Text for the iPad and iPhoneTiger Text for the iPad and iPhone

Confirm message delivery: Real-time notifications let users know when a message is received, opened or even when a phone is turned off.

Install the text message management app!

Check back for when it is offered for Android devices

Purchase for iTunes –
TigerText Free Group Texting App - X Sigma Partners LLC

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