Zombie Clock

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Zombie Clock for the iPad and iPhone     Zombie Clock - The FORM Group

Zombie Clock

Zombie Clock alerts you with screeching zombie noises!

This Zombie Clock app is really funny, if you can handle the noise.
Set a time to have your zombie pop-up and make sounds that will chill you to the bone.

The clock is just that, a clock that displays the day/date/time.

Alarms, lets you set alarm times, add as many as you can. If you need a moment, and want to “snooze” tap the zombie in the face.

Settings, lets you change your settings.

The Zombie Clock application is straight to the point Alarms, Clocks, Zombies.

If your into the undead, let this clock keep you on your schedule.

Zombie Clock for the iPad and iPhoneZombie Clock for the iPad and iPhoneZombie Clock for the iPad and iPhone

Download the spookiest Zombie Clock for the Halloween season!

Zombie Clock - The FORM Group

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